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The manufacturing team at CDP have extensive experience of specifying, developing, and commissioning equipment for many and diverse production and testing needs.  This ranges from small hand-operated aids to take the human variability out of critical assembly steps right through to managing the design and installation of fully-automated production lines for medical or consumer products.

We will conduct a detailed risk assessment of your product design and your existing manufacturing processes (both internal and external) to understand the likelihood and potential harm to the user of each identified failure mode. Using this risk-based approach, we will then develop a quality control plan to provide a coordinated strategy for mitigating each critical failure mode – perhaps by on-line, end-of-line, or sample testing - and to define appropriate sampling rates and acceptance criteria.

The quality control plan will drive the specification, development and qualification of any test equipment required.  For cost-effectiveness, CDP will typically use external integrators and equipment builders to develop the equipment unless particularly challenging or novel processes are required.  In these instances, CDP may build the challenging elements of the system and have these integrated into a larger system if required.

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