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Social multimedia such as artwork, news stories, YouTube videos and holiday snaps etc. are a great way to improve office culture and interaction promoting a good creative atmosphere. However many businesses see it as a distraction and drain on resource, and some even choose to block social media sites behind a firewall.

Our innovative solution is to embrace the creative environment which social media promotes and encourage staff to add content to a common digital ‘Canvas’ located in a communal area such as the staff kitchen or breakout areas.

  • Applied Expertise
  • Research & strategy
  • Human factors
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging
  • Technology development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Wireless & connected
  • Short run manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain management

By allowing the ‘community’ to generate and organise content, Canvas is self regulating and once set-up requires minimal maintenance. In trials, staff adopted the idea quickly, posting interesting content and enjoying the media together in a social hub.  This resulted in a dramatic reduction in the level of email spam and increased the sharing of stimulating media and inspiring ideas.

Users can interact directly with the large communal multi-touch display to move, resize, rotate and play content, or they can add content by accessing the service on their desktop browsers which are automatically synchronised.

Content posted to date has included photographs of world travel, impressive human feats, sharing of project related successes and the best YouTube has to offer!  In trials we have also seen Canvas being used as an innovation tool, with staff adding interesting new technology and designs, which encourages co-creation and innovation on projects.

If you would like to try Canvas out for yourself, please contact us at

Skills Deployed

  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

  • Web 2.0 Design

  • Software Engineering

Technical Highlights

  • Multi-touch User Interface

  • Web based approach for rapid development

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