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The challenge

Global Positioning System (GPS) capability is commonplace in a whole range of consumer devices today, including satnavs, smartphones and even digital cameras. GPS is also widely deployed for professional services users. Most police radios, for example, can report an officer’s GPS location to a control centre.

However, devices capable of displaying location information on a live map are generally vehicle mounted and are neither particularly portable or durable.

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  • Technology development
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The solution

Cambridge Design Partnership developed Communicator - which combines high-performance, low-power electronics with industry standard protocols to deliver a world-class mapping engine. With the ability to integrate a range of wireless data bearers – GPRS, 3G, TETRA, Iridium – and incorporating Bluetooth for connection to legacy modems, Communicator provides a platform on which to build compelling new location services for professional users on the move. Points, lines and areas of interest can be exchanged between devices and updated in real time to meet a wide range of operational requirements.

Benefit to client

Communicator delivers a step-change in performance and functionality of GPS mapping products. It combines tailor-made hardware and software platforms with rugged industrial design and a focused user interface to deliver unparalleled mapping performance and location services in a robust, hand held device.

The Communicator platform will be of particular interest to OEMs supplying communication products into the security services and military communication sectors.

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