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The challenge

Domino Printing Sciences needed to develop a handling system that allowed for accurate laser coding and code verification on both hard and soft packs on a production line – at speeds of up to 500 parts per minute – for one of its multinational customers. The reliable presentation of the packs to both the laser and vision systems was critical to prevent bad codes and therefore false rejects.

  • Applied Expertise
  • Research & strategy
  • Human factors
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging
  • Technology development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Wireless & connected
  • Short run manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain management

The solution

We project managed the specification, design and build of the prototype systems. As well as ensuring the marketing and technical specifications were complete and met the needs of the major stakeholders, we identified and specified all the necessary regulatory requirements. We worked with third parties to create a design package for transfer to manufacture – and worked with the manufacturer on the build and test of the system.

The benefits

Our project management kept the work on track and made sure it was high quality. Critically, we also managed risk and ensured the resultant two prototypes were designed, manufactured and tested in such a way that risks of failure were exposed, mitigated and controlled as far as possible. This ensured the technology was as reliable as possible in what was a high-speed, low-cost and therefore high-fidelity application.

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