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The Challenge

Extensive research into the challenges of infant change time uncovered a number of insights and complaints about existing nappy disposal solutions. Most important were avoiding operations requiring two handed dexterity (such as tying knots in bags), improved hygiene by removing the need to push hands into a potentially dirty nappy bin inlet, and the need to contain smells. Other key requests included increased capacity, and ergonomic improvements to adult operation, while reducing opportunity for access by children.

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The Solution

The 360 o sealer™ has been designed to be the ideal height, simple to operate, and easy to empty, making it perfect for multi-tasking parents. It uses a replaceable cartridge containing novel Biomaster® treated antimicrobial film to individually seal up to 100 nappies and lock-in odour. Designed for one-handed hygienic operation, the drop-in nappy inlet and twist disposal dial eliminate the need for users to place hands inside the product. An ingenious indexed roller drive and clutch mechanism enable the film technology to create a seal all the way round the soiled nappy in order to contain odour and mess. A slide drawer and quick-tear film allow hassle-free emptying, and a novel safety catch aims to deter children from accessing the contents or mechanism, while enabling intuitive ergonomic access by carers.

The contoured styling and hygienic easy-wipe surfaces are an elegant complement to any nursery.

Benefit to the Client

Cambridge Design Partnership’s team developed the innovative system from basic concept to a market-ready product in less than 18 months. The 360° sealer™ was launched across the USA in Autumn 2013.

"Developing a breakthrough product like this has been helped significantly by working with Cambridge Design Partnership’s integrated design, engineering and human factors teams. In less than 18 months, they have taken the product from basic concept to a market ready product."
Tina Gray, Global Head of R&D, Mayborn Group, Tommee Tippee® & Sangenic

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