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The challenge

Following 9/11, Homeland Security became front page news - opening the market to new radiation detection systems. Radiation Watch approached Cambridge Design Partnership to help them develop and commercialise their isotopic dosimeter technology.

  • Applied Expertise
  • Research & strategy
  • Human factors
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging
  • Technology development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Wireless & connected
  • Short run manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Supply chain management

The solution

As well as carrying out the research and engineering, Cambridge Design Partnership developed a business case to encourage distributors to adopt and sell a revolutionary technology. We developed a working prototype in just 4 months and develop production test and calibration systems with giga-becquerel sources to meet the IAEA requirements. A further product version was then developed to broaden the market offer.


  • Industrial Design
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Nuclear Physics
  • High voltage electronics
  • Mathematical modelling

Benefit to client

We created for the client the first spectrographic IPD, that was lightweight, rugged and wearable, with Bluetooth Interface.

Radiation Watch now have a unique technology linked to a service business in calibrating devices which offers distributors the opportunity to generate long term income.

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