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The challenges of bridging the design transfer chasm are well known in the medical device industry. Considerations such as high-speed assembly and inspection are often overlooked by product designers when developing prototypes, leaving manufacturing engineers to rectify production issues at a later stage. This work is often undertaken by contract manufacturers which can leave you irrevocably tied to them.

Our approach utilises design and manufacturing engineers throughout the development process, followed by a phase of short run manufacture to provide products for field and clinical trials. Because the product is designed for manufacture early on and then produced in a manner representative of final manufacture, the risk of late stage design changes is removed.

Cambridge Design Partnership provide a complete technical solution ready for design transfer, complete with a quality control plan, standard operating procedures, jigs, and validated test methods. Because you own the intellectual property, a competitive tender process can be implemented to identify the most cost-effective volume manufacturing partner.

Integrating short run manufacture into product development brings with it a raft of advantages, not only saving you time and money in commercialisation but bringing forwards time to market and vital product revenues

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