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We create software for embedded systems, desktop applications, user interfaces and process control as well as specialist validated software for medical devices. Our software teams base development on appropriate best practices to flexibly deliver the right functionality with traceable quality to minimise time to market. Our software is used widely in the consumer, healthcare and industrial sectors.

Our approach is ‘technology agnostic’, choosing the best platform for each project to maximise performance and quality. We have many years’ experience of writing cross platform applications and implementing end to end systems, from embedded microprocessor code to a web UI. As part of a multidisciplinary project team, we develop software concurrently with the hardware to maximise performance and minimise manufacturing cost.

We specialise in signal processing and algorithm development for novel sensing systems. Working closely with our technology and electronics teams we develop, optimise and validate algorithms for both single and mixed sensor systems. Typical applications include medical diagnostic systems and detection of human behaviour using image processing. We also have the capability to develop large, scalable systems using extensive databases, multiple UIs and multiple communications pathways.