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Working from first principles, our team of scientists and engineers develop the intellectual property behind the breakthrough products that we create. Based in Cambridge, UK, we are located in Europe's leading technology hub where we have access to the creativity, talent and academic resources to enable this process.

Our PhD qualified team typically undertakes scouting and competitor research, IP and academic research to allow us to fully understand each new technology opportunity. Then we generate several creative routes that are developed and iterated using mathematical models and multi physics simulations. Finally, we prototype and test the new technology using our prototyping workshop and laboratory facilities before working with our engineering team to hand over to the product development process.

We also undertake technology due diligence studies to help you estimate the value of emerging technologies or make strategic decisisons. Also, we specialise in the management of IP portfolios by capturing novel ideas that optimize technology performance, thereby limiting competitor access to feasible solutions and allowing you to compete more effectively in the marketplace.