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Our product design, engineering and software development teams work together to create novel connected devices across the consumer, healthcare and other professional markets. We have 15 years’ experience in this sector including the launch of our own connected device start-ups.

In consumer markets successful connected devices require an outstanding user experience from both electronic devices and software systems. We achieve this by bringing together teams of UX specialists, iOS & Android app developers, web developers and mechanical and electronic engineers to deliver systems exploiting technologies such as GPS, imaging analysis, environmental sensors, iBeacon and 3G, near field, ZigBee and Bluetooth LE comms.

In many healthcare and industrial applications connected systems must have high system integrity and our software and hardware engineers can create robust, fault tolerant systems with strong security built in. Wearable devices are rapidly opening new opportunities integrating both physical and physiological sensors in miniaturised packages with low power consumption and, ideally, batteries for life. In both markets we can design and implement these systems quickly to maximise your first-to-market advantage.