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This month we’re talking to Alex Jaggs, Physicist and Applied Scientist. 

Why did you join Cambridge Design Partnership?
I was attracted to its approach to development. We don’t start with the solution like many other consultancies do—we start with identifying what the user really needs. Which, when you think about it, is the obvious starting point. I liked the people too.

What was your background prior to joining CDP?
I have experience in a broad range of projects and areas. I’ve worked in Medical, Food and Consumer areas on projects ranging from chocolate holograms, to bone healing and glass irons. What did I do on them? Well I think research, testing, concepting, calculations and prototyping would cover it. So quite a lot, really.

What is your formal education background?
I’ve done a few things. I gained my PHD from UMIST (University of Manchester) in Instrumentation and Analytical Sciences. I was researching ultrasonic liquid whistles for degassing of liquids. I also have BScs in Natural Sciences and Applied Physics.

What are you working on at the moment?
Well it depends what day it is. Today I have been assembling a healthcare device using ultrasonic welding and performing tension testing on a medical device we’re developing. I also have a lot of related data analysis to do. It varies.

Do you recall what it was that inspired you to pursue a career in science?
Yes. It was because I wanted to know how things worked. I had a really good physics teacher in early high school who would explain things to a point, but hint that there was much more behind it. I wanted to know what that was. I also recall my team mates and I wanting to figure out how to make electrons bigger so we could see what colour they were.

Aside from your day job, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Until recently I was training in figure skating and got to be quite good. I’m also a very good cardboard engineer—I can make anything out of cardboard. I like geology too.

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