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Meet the team at Cambridge Design Partnership – a brief profile of the experts, engineers and interesting people that work here. This month we’re talking to Stergios Bititsios, FMCG, packaging and consumer research specialist.

What background do you come from and how do you apply this knowledge to your current role?

My academic background is design and manufacturing, but my commercial experience is in consumer and design research in the food, beverage, household, personal care and OTC healthcare sectors. Clearly this comes in handy every time we are briefed to design a new pack, device or product or re-design existing ones. My knowledge on consumer and shopper behaviour can help guide ideation, concept generation and selection, whilst my experience working closely with Marketing, Insights and R&D departments establishes stronger and more fruitful relationships between our team and our FMCG clients.

Why did you join Cambridge Design Partnership?

In previous roles as a design research consultant I had the opportunity to delve deep into consumer and shopper behaviour to understand the real drivers behind choice and purchase decisions. Specialising in brand packaging and FMCG/CPG products I had the pleasure of working with leading global manufacturers and retailers on strategic projects which aimed to either translate consumer and shopper insights into design guidelines early on in the design process or to validate design changes at the end. However rarely did research, design and validation occur in an integrated program. Cambridge Design Partnership offered the opportunity to combine my two passions, consumer research and design, and offer clients a holistic service. I chose Cambridge Design Partnership over other consultancies because of its multidisciplinary approach, its end-to-end service, its tremendous technical capabilities, its growth potential and most importantly the open-mindedness, enthusiasm and talent of the people who work here.

What interesting projects are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working with four global FMCG leaders helping them to tackle both technical and aesthetic issues mainly around dispensation and dosing as well as on-shelf impact and usage experience. I also lead on a couple of internal initiatives aiming to develop innovative solutions to addressing wider packaging issues such as sensory engagement, resealability, counterfeiting and tamper evidence.

What do you see as hot trends in your area at the moment and what is coming up in the future?

Packaging is gradually becoming a protagonist in the marketing mix. The FMCG industry as well as grocery retailers, increasingly see packaging as a vehicle for differentiation and an integral part of the total brand experience. To this end, manufacturers seek to develop packaging that transcends the functional domain and taps into consumer and shopper emotions to engage with their senses both at the crucial moment of purchase and at the point of use. Companies that have the ability to embed affective sciences into their design process and make the transition from traditional R&D to a more human-centred approach will benefit the most in the coming years.

Do you have any hobbies outside work?

Vital activities outside work include:

  1. Experiencing other cultures, environments and weather systems, so travelling is a necessary evil.
  2. Playing (and watching) basketball and football and when those aren’t available I drag my feet to the gym.
  3. Music, music, music – that includes all from listening, to composing, to recording, to watching gigs live, on youtube and every other possible and viable channel.
  4. Socialising over a cup of good coffee (big fan of indie coffee shops), nice food (huge fun of Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek but open to experimentation) or a few pints of bitter ale (preferably Hobgoblin).

Call me at Cambridge Design Partnership to discuss anything about consumer packaged goods.

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