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Blogs and comment

We regularly write blogs about topical issues in industry and respond to the news, commenting on current events of interest

  • Radar that monitors heart rhythms

    By Matt Ash and Matt Brady

    Could this technology enable new wearables and portable devices that offer high levels of adherence and measurement continuity?

    29 July 2019

  • Inspiring the next generation

    By Miranda Dobson & Issac Blanc

    YINI Students Miranda and Isaac report on how they took STEM into one of our local primary schools to help to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

    29 July 2019

  • Innovations in Hemodialysis

    By Clare Beddoes & Matt Brady

    Clare Beddoes and Matt Brady report from the recent ERA-EDTA congress in Budapest highlighting some of the latest innovations in renal care.

    19 July 2019

  • How much does sleep cost?

    By Adam Turner

    Even though we spend around a third of our lives asleep, society it seems, has been mis-sold the value of a full night’s sleep.

    26 June 2019

  • A future for food; the need for innovation in agriculture

    By Charles Griffith and Isaac Blanc

    Without wide reaching, transformational innovation in agriculture, will we have the capacity in the future to feed us all?

    25 June 2019

  • Women's work?

    By Jess Carroll and the team

    In view of International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd June, Jess Carroll and the team discuss their careers in STEM.

    21 June 2019