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Blogs and comment

We regularly write blogs about topical issues in industry and respond to the news, commenting on current events of interest

  • A future for food; the need for innovation in agriculture

    By Charles Griffith and Isaac Blanc

    Without wide reaching, transformational innovation in agriculture, will we have the capacity in the future to feed us all?

    25 June 2019

  • Women's work?

    By Jess Carroll and the team

    In view of International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd June, Jess Carroll and the team discuss their careers in STEM.

    21 June 2019

  • It’s all about the UX

    By Lucy Sheldon and Andres Barrera

    18 June 2019

  • What’s next for Hemodialysis?

    By Matt Brady & Jess Carroll

    Matt Brady & Jess Carroll consider the future of renal disease patient care, and how the growing home dialysis market could drive innovation.

    14 June 2019

  • Ben Strutt shares his thoughts on design and work culture

    By Red Dot

    In an interview with Red Dot, Ben Strutt shares more on design and work culture matters and his biggest career moments.

    14 June 2019

  • Meet the team: Hans Pflaumer


    From our Raleigh US office, meet mechanical engineer, Hans Pflaumer, who talks about his expertise in robotic surgery, drug delivery and medical devices.

    10 May 2019