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Article in Medical Plastics News: Appy Talking - Jacobo Cabaleiro, Cambridge Design Partnership selects his favourite apps

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Wolfram Alpha
Do you need to solve an equation, plot some graphs or work out some statistics? More than just a simple app for helping students with their maths homework, Alpha is a knowledge engine useful to engineers and even scientists.

As Richelieu once said: “Give me six lines written by the world’s most honest man, and I will find enough in them to hang him". If you really care about your privacy, Telegram is one of your best messaging solutions. Or if your clients' security is vital for your business, you can make use of Telegram’s end-to-end encryption to secure the data you're sharing with your colleagues through any network, even if compromised.

After the demise of Google Reader, Feedly was one of the existing news aggregation solutions that digested the bounced flow of users. If you're looking for help minimising the effort required to keep your knowledge updated from your preferred online sources, Feedly is still one of the most solid offers with a strong user base.

With this app you'll blur the borders between your desktop and your mobile devices. Avoid having to reach for your phone when sending the next SMS; do it from your desktop. You can also type on your smartphone using your computer keyboard and mirror your phone screen on your PC.

Jota Text Editor
Something as basic as editing a text file can be difficult to achieve in a stock Android table or phone. Jota is one of the best (and free) text editors available for Android, capable of handling very big files in a comfortable way. Crucial for techies, especially if you plan on ASCII art (yes, it supports monospace fonts).

SSH is one of the most famous secure channel protocols, mostly known for commonly providing remote shell access in the Unix world, amongst other things. Soon to be adopted by Microsoft in PowerShell, JuiceSSH is one of the best Android SSH clients.

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