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London Science Museum’s 3D printing exhibition features Bloodhound steering wheel

The steering wheel design that Cambridge Design Partnership delivered last year to the Bloodhound Project is on display at the London Science Museum’s 3D printing exhibition. The exhibition explores how 3D printing will shape the future, featuring stories such as creating lighter, more efficient parts for aeroplanes and 3D printed replacement body parts.
The Bloodhound Project is one of the UK’s pioneering engineering projects, and the wheel was selected to feature in this innovative design exhibition, which showcases over six hundred printed objects, to highlight the versatility and range of 3D printing.

Cambridge Design Partnership took initial concepts of the supersonic car’s steering wheel, and developed them into a design that will meet the demanding requirements expected during the land speed record attempt. The final wheel will be printed from titanium using the very latest in 3D printing technology.

Commenting on the use of 3D printing, Dan Johns, Engineering lead on the steering wheel at Bloodhound said, “We wanted to break away from a conventional functional driven design philosophy and use a more creative approach to the design solution. Deciding early on to use Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) as the manufacturing process allowed us creative freedom to explore nature’s structures and influence the shape.“

The exhibition also includes a number of previous prototype designs for the wheel, which highlights the importance of innovation throughout every stage of the development process, and the versatility of rapid prototyping.

The exhibition is free to visit, and is on now until 1st July 2014. For more information, visit

For more information on the Bloodhound steering wheel visit:


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