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A new Panel Speaker that dramatically improves audio quality, allowing computer manufacturers to offer an enhanced user experience, has been developed by collaboration between two Cambridge-based technology development companies; Redux and Cambridge Design Partnership.

Current Micro Speakers are capable of delivering mid and high range sounds but struggle to produce quality audio especially at low frequencies. The new Panel Speaker produces greatly increased sound quality, even at the low end of the audio spectrum with the advantage of small size, requiring no back volume.

Frequency performance of Redux panel speaker (Red line) versus regular micro speaker (blue line)

Redux solutions use proprietary patented bending-wave technology to deliver superb audio and haptic feedback directly from a surface. These bending waves are microscopic waveforms that travel in the surface of most materials, including glass, metal and plastic.

Cambridge Design Partnership worked closely with Redux to design the loudspeaker chassis. The consultancy’s ready-made team including CAD engineers, industrial designers and electronic engineers, produced a manufacturing-ready prototype in just five weeks. The team also designed a demonstration unit (pictured) to house the product, allowing Redux customers to easily hear the difference in sound quality between the Panel Speaker and competitive speakers on the market.

Commenting on the project, Nedko Ivanov, Redux CEO, said: “Redux is committed to solving the problems that limit the quality of the user experience. Our technology enables smaller and better quality speakers in consumer devices. The new Panel Speaker provides a solution that has been eluding manufactures for years – how to enhance audio quality and efficiency while reducing size. Working with Cambridge Design Partnership has allowed us to produce a manufacturing-ready prototype in just five weeks.”

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