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With our breadth of experience in developing products and manufacturing processes, we are well placed to analyse issues that arise during manufacture to understand the underlying cause or causes.  By combining a range of tools from tolerance analysis to Ishikawa diagrams with our long experience of product and process risk assessments, we can quickly drill down to the key areas to focus on and explore in detail.

Having identified the focus areas, we can then perform a range of tasks as driven by the specific problem. These include: 

  • Investigating the science behind the process
  • Reducing raw material variation via six sigma techniques
  • Instrumenting key equipment to provide statistical process control
  • Lean manufacturing improvements such as layout and flow changes

Utilising our world class team, we are adept at challenging fixed perceptions, and as we are independent of the process, we can communicate findings in a non-judgemental and impartial way.

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