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Done well, digital can enhance the development of healthcare devices and help provide benefit to all stakeholders. But before applying digital as a tool to your device development, Clare Beddoes - senior medical innovation and research consultant at CDP - highlights some key questions:

Why do you want a digital solution? How will you implement it? What do you want to achieve?…
and Who will benefit?

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To be, or not to be... digital?
Done well, digital can enhance device
development, but before doing so, Clare
highlights some key questions.


Seven insights to manage
innovation risk

Louise and Lucy explain how the healthcare
sector can benefit from combining human
factors engineering for usability to offer
more than just regulatory compliance.



Innovating across continents:
How can technology help you to
collaborate with teams across the globe?



6 steps to build winning biosimilar
defence strategies through user and
technology mapping



Digital rapid prototyping:
How the latest prototyping methods
unlock digital innovation


Innovation & drug delivery:
Barriers and how to
overcome them



How to find new opportunities
using technology mapping and IP