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Established for 20 years, we are an independent innovation partner who has completed over 1,000 product development assignments for business around the world.  Members of our team are named inventors on many hundreds of patents owned by our customers.   We grow year on year, constantly expanding our experienced team and state of the art facilities.

We are based in two of the world’s leading centres for science and technology. Our UK office is in Cambridge, a city with an 800 year history in science and creative thinking. Our USA office is in Raleigh North Carolina, a well-known research and technology hub with a longstanding history of innovation.

We are passionate about creating new products. Over our 20 year history our growth has been focused on building what we believe is a uniquely effective innovation capability. Few companies outside the vertically integrated global market leaders are able to assemble holistic innovation teams across consumer research, brand strategy, design, scientific research, engineering development and manufacturing. Our team achieves this and that is why we are trusted by some the worlds largest companies with their most important innovations.