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Consumer Healthcare

Enabling self care

Consumers are demanding more influence on their personal health and hygiene outcomes. We empower your customers to control their own self care, by creating trusted products and services.

As consumers refocus on their physical and mental health following the pandemic, the Consumer Healthcare market sector is enjoying explosive growth. We’re extending the range of self care possibilities by building on our ability to monitor, diagnose, and make informed choices. But this is a complex, rapidly evolving opportunity: accelerated by digital technologies, data, personalization, and the creation of new business and retail models, Consumer Healthcare is defined by fast-moving sales dynamics, branded health promises, and a variety of regulatory classifications and claims. Only the best will innovate and thrive. Our expert teams bridge the worlds of consumer device and packaged goods relationships, and regulation-bound healthcare developments. We harness this diversity to ensure your product, packaging, and service propositions activate in harmony.

We help clients seize market share by doing what we do best: innovation that meets raised consumer expectations. We have a proud track record delivering innovative products, digital services, and the creation of entirely business models in categories including vitamin and mineral supplements, oral care, derma, pain, allergy, cough and cold, femtech, and sexual health.

When the market is competitive and the consumer yearns for control over their health and hygiene outcomes, innovative collaboration will help you unlock new, value-creating products and services. CDP has you covered.

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Seven insights to manage innovation risk

Ben Strutt, Head of Design and Innovation at Cambridge Design Partnership, shares seven key reasons why some businesses make such a success of innovation.

“Our diverse and skilled team has the ability to bridge the two worlds of brand and experience-led consumer and packaged goods, and regulated healthcare products”

Ben Strutt

Head of Consumer Healthcare

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