Our Work

Our clients trust us to identify, design, and build innovations that drive their success. The proof is in the numbers: after delivering thousands of successful projects, more than 70% of our business is repeat business. Why the loyalty? Read on to get a feel for our work.


Risk assessment for an iconic brand

CDP owned the deeply analytical and detailed DFMEA process, providing Brompton with information to mitigate risk through design changes and testing. Our input freed the Brompton team to focus on creating a safer, more robust and ultimately more successful bike.

At-home hormone tracking

Horb is an at-home diagnostic device that measures hormone levels while users brush their teeth. The diagnostic device connects via Bluetooth to an app, which can collate Horb data with data from other wearables such as the Apple Watch and Oura ring.

Pop-up Solar EV Charging Hub

3ti Energy Hubs came to us with a unique challenge to advance the rollout of EV infrastructure by providing rapidly-deployable destination charging. We enabled our client to bring their pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub to launch, positioning them to focus on commercialization and scale-up.

Liquid biopsy system cartridge design for manufacture and reliability

Having developed a highly effective liquid biopsy system to isolate CTCs, Vortex Biosciences needed our technical expertise and manufacturing experience to improve the system’s disposable cartridge for reliable performance and high-volume production.

Ostomy innovation improving usability and visual appeal

We supplied the technical rigor for our client to develop their concept for a unique ostomy appliance – giving them the foundational blocks to make their revolutionary concept a commercial reality.

Net zero at subzero

When British Antarctic Survey (BAS) extended a challenge to help its Rothera research station reach net zero using sustainable energy storage, we knew it would demand a multidisciplinary team to look beyond the brief and bring fresh ideas.

From prototype to PCR testing system, fast

We designed and tested over 100 improvements to our client’s instrument in just five months, enabling rapid iteration and scaled-up production. In addition, our team manufactured 45 units and generated the device history records needed to gain a CE Mark.


Smart growth for soft ice cream market

Unilever identified an opportunity to trial a new business model and an innovative food service dispensing system for their leading ice cream brand. We provided end-to-end support to design, develop, and build 50 connected devices which were scaled up and pilot launched in outlets across Europe.


Bringing breast cancer treatment into the physician’s office

We were asked to develop a new cryoablation technology in this crowded IP space. Our scientists and engineers started from first principles and were able to create a new patented system that enabled the office-based treatment of breast cancer.


Using smart packaging to support consumer trials

Seeking proof that consumers would follow novel usage instructions over time, Avon turned to diialog™ – our unique miniature sensing technology – to capture quantitative data during user tests.

Zoological Society of London

Satellite-enabled wildlife monitoring and threat detection system

Distributed sensors spot poacher activity over large remote areas and send threat alerts over a bespoke network to local wildlife rangers. Within 18 months the system was developed, prototyped and trialled in Kenya. It has won international acclaim and has enormous conservation potential.


Bringing a complex drug delivery device to market

We were asked to resolve the difficult engineering and manufacturing issues that were jeopardising this novel inhaler’s launch. Our team identified and resolved the problems, validated the design and production tooling so Voke could gain CE approval and enter volume manufacture.


Micro-mechanics that increase dexterity

Catheter ablation is widely used to treat a range of abnormal heart rhythms. It involves passing a thin, flexible catheter through the blood vessels to the heart, where it pinpoints the arrhythmia and uses ablation to block the abnormal electrical signals. A more dexterous catheter increases success rates for patients and retains greater cardiac function.


Multi-application sensor platform to analyze patient behaviour

Drug delivery devices can be notoriously tricky to use, so our technology enables improved studies that can distinguish use error from drug performance. This allows developers to focus investment correctly, reduce costs and accelerate a new treatment’s journey to market.  


Expressive beauty range steeped in Swiss provenance

Precision packaging, local ingredients, and the expressive Montreux Jazz Festival were the creative inspiration behind this new skincare collection design for VillaPhyta.

‘Crescendo’ flexible vibrator

When Crescendo’s route to launch looked blocked by quality issues at manufacture, our rapid iteration of the vibrator’s sheath design cleared the way, enabling MysteryVibe to fulfil their first orders for investor-customers.


Therapy assistant for parenteral drugs

Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis often follow a complicated treatment regimen at home. They sometimes need to store their drugs in the fridge, warm them up to the correct temperature for injection, prepare their auto-injector for use and finally dispose of the used device safely.


A novel wearable that saves lives

In an intense disaster or battlefield scenario, correctly identifying which victim to treat first can be a matter of life or death, so we created a specialised wearable monitor. The device won the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot award.


New kitchen knife range for US market entry

The US market for home kitchen knives is dominated by a handful of brands. When DKB Household wanted to enter it, they challenged us to innovate in this mature product category.


High-performance AI swim app

Speedo wanted to launch their next generation swim tracking product in time for it to be pre-installed on a new Samsung wearable. So we quickly developed sophisticated algorithms to use accelerometer and gyro data to create reliable performance metrics.


High-performance heart monitor for equine sport

We helped develop a new heart monitor to allow vets and trainers to accurately assess sport horses and spot anomalies that might indicate problems. It is now used all over the world to improve welfare in both training and in international competitions.


Technology to enable a new home monitoring service

We designed and manufactured an ingenious connected sensor to prove the monitoring technology to market leaders in home automation. The unrivalled performance and ease of use of the sensor, together with positive trial results led to a successful new product launch.

Lightweight oxygen concentrator

Developing an award winning oxygen concentrator

Making oxygen available on the front line is critical to improving survival rates and outcomes. Our award-winning design for an integrated oxygen concentrator with a lightweight engine creates a highly efficient and extremely compact oxygen source that can be run on a range of fuels.


AI-powered smart building system

We undertook the end-to-end development of the system’s hardware and communications backbone. We designed, built, and tested the system components and implemented Asian based manufacturing for a market trial in 300 apartments, all in just 12 months. 


Autonomous sampling device to accelerate research

This autonomous device collects partially digested food samples from exact locations inside the canine gut. It enables our client to gain unique and important insight into canine digestion to advance both scientific knowledge and their strategic development capability.


Low pain lancing system for diabetics

The aim was to disrupt the diagnostics market with a lancing system that would significantly improve the patient’s experience. Our development and regulatory teams helped our client launch the first FDA & CE approved device for fully automated, virtually pain-free lancing.


Faster process to make complex plastic prototypes

Testing early in the development cycle allows designs to mature more quickly. Our novel Digital Injection Moulding process provides accurate moulded parts in hours, which means we can reduce time to market and increase product quality.