Team expertise


Creating technologies, products and services for a sustainable future

  • Sustainability training & engagement workshops
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • Sustainability insights, trends & behavior
  • Life cycle mapping & life cycle analysis
  • Design for circularity
  • Sustainable packaging design
  • Material scouting & evaluation
  • Renewables, energy monitoring & energy efficiency
  • Sustainable technology & process development

At CDP, we believe that innovation is the key to prosperity for people and the planet. Consumers, regulators, and companies are increasingly united in their drive to improve quality of life while operating within planetary boundaries, but there’s not a moment to waste. No company is immune from the drive to sustainability, and the time to act is now. The scale and urgency of the change we need to bring about creates significant risks and exciting opportunity for all companies, large and small. CDP helps you tap into that opportunity, reimagining products, services, and systems for the coming age of sustainability.

Our specialist sustainability team works closely with experts in market insights, science, and engineering. It’s a dream team that cuts through the greenwash, helping clients discover solutions that strike the right balance between commercial imperatives, customer or user needs, and sustainability. We move ideas from the sketch pad, through the lab, and to market at the pace our clients demand as they adapt to the rapidly changing policy and regulatory landscape and seek to lead the sustainability revolution.

Groundbreaking sustainability project addresses plastic waste

We’re proud to announce our work with Pulpex. A truly groundbreaking sustainability project addressing plastic waste, one of the most pressing challenges of our era.

Pulpex is a patented, first-of-its-kind pulp packaging innovation. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, Pulpex enables brands to completely rethink their packaging proposition. Chris Houghton and Wade Tipton describe our collaboration.


What can the healthcare sector learn from consumer design?

In this article for ONdrugDelivery, Mechanical Engineer Fran Penrose considers the lessons the healthcare sector can draw from the fast-moving consumer sector when designing for sustainability and asks, “Can we go even further?”

Development of energy efficient technologies
Energy monitoring devices
Rapid prototyping of novel sensors
Renewable energy and microgrid system design

“Every innovator must embrace sustainable solutions in their portfolio and there’s no time to waste. We help identify and implement the most appropriate strategies to address this pressing global challenge.”

Matt Morris

Sustainability Consultant, Senior Mechanical Engineer

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