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We help consumer goods clients to grow, through unique brand experiences and R&D innovation.

Consumers have options. Lots and lots of them. How, then, to catch their eye and win their loyalty? The answer isn’t surprising: offer a value proposition that fits their contextual needs. With multi-disciplinary collaboration, evidence-based insight and advice, and a proud history of breakthrough innovation, we have you covered.

When we partner with you to develop Fast Moving Consumer Goods (or Consumer Packaged Goods: CPG), we balance your “now” with your future. Our teams express your brand’s DNA structurally, graphically and digitally, while elevating the opportunity based on deep consumer, technology, and commercial insights. As we move through the innovation process, from insight to ideas, prototypes to production, we help you navigate the tensions around sustainability, differentiation, cost of goods, and consumer experience. You’ll know you’re in safe hands.

Our teams are experienced across thousands of client projects. Work spans short-term incremental wins through to breakthrough innovation across brand, product, packaging, new service offerings, and manufacturing processes. Our entire culture has been shaped to unlock value from multidisciplinary teams and to ensure close collaboration with our clients. Those clients describe us as agile, ingenious, and candid – foundations for long-term relationships that deliver success.

Groundbreaking sustainability project addresses plastic waste

We’re proud to announce our work with Pulpex. A truly groundbreaking sustainability project addressing plastic waste, one of the most pressing challenges of our era.

Pulpex is a patented, first-of-its-kind pulp packaging innovation. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, Pulpex enables brands to completely rethink their packaging proposition. Chris Houghton and Wade Tipton describe our collaboration.


CDP Mosaic

CDP Mosaic is our digital accelerator toolkit, specifically designed and built to get you to market fast. CDP Mosaic is a library of reusable software and IP that we can us to realize your digital vision through rapid conceptualization, prototyping, development, and global deployment.

Packaging concepts and prototypes
Touch-free dosing bottle design for Bayer Garden
Ice cream dispense prototype for Unilever
Bottle-cooling product concept

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Breaking the mould: Digital tooling to reduce time to market

Getting new products to market efficiently is crucial to maximising your return on investment. We reveal how to significant reduce prototyping lead times and cost, to ultimately minimize time-to-market and optimize finished product quality.

“We’ve gone beyond ‘one size fits all’ FMCG products, with diversified category portfolios and an influx of indie brands. Context is king, as we create innovative personalized experiences for today’s consumers”

Chris Houghton

Partner, Head of FMCG

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