Our Headquarters

The Infrastructure of Innovation

Success in your innovation journey hinges on having the right talent, equipped with the proper tools, exactly when you need them. 

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to tackling our clients’ unique and complex challenges. We energize each project with a dynamic, multidisciplinary team and provide them with immediate access to cutting-edge technology and resources. 

Our headquarters in Cambridge, UK, is a testament to this commitment. Designed from the ground up to promote innovative problem-solving and seamless collaboration, Bourn Quarter isn’t just a workspace – it’s an accelerator for bringing products to market faster. 

Designing success, designed for success  

  • 56,000 ft2 Innovation Center
  • 26,000 ft2 flexible Manufacturing Pilot Production Center
  • 9 fully equipped specialist labs with 120+ workstations
  • 14 confidential co-collaboration project labs
  • World-class workshop suite
  • Market research suite with 2 independent research rooms

A creative space for end-to-end innovation

User Research Lab

Our state-of-the-art user research facility is your gateway to near real-world user behavior in a secure, controlled environment. Designed to unlock critical insights, it supports your product or technology development at every stage – from initial opportunity exploration to concept generation, product development, and usability evaluation. 

This expansive, adaptable space includes a viewing suite, integrated cameras and microphones, a built-in audio system, and a dedicated kitchen facility, ensuring comprehensive support for your project’s needs. 

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Pilot Production Center

Our customizable 26,000 ft2 manufacturing facility is your doorway to accelerated, cost-effective, and scalable manufacturing. 

Designed for manufacturing process development and pilot manufacturing, it empowers our clients to optimize their manufacturing process, smooth the transition to contract manufacturer, and scale up with maximum confidence. 


A large central atrium provides informal meeting and collaboration space. 

Specialist Capabilities

Cat 2 biology, aerosol science, optics, electronics, state-of-the-art 3D printing suite, CNC machining, injection molding and more.


200-seat multifunctional space with roll-out tiered seating for events and large workshops.  


Bourn Quarter is a net zero carbon development through its whole lifecycle. It has roof-mounted solar PV panels providing on-site renewable energy, air source heat pumps, low water usage facilities, and LED lighting. 

Designed according to the principles of the WELL Building Standard, emphasis is placed on health and well-being with outdoor space, a running track, and fitness pods.