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Tobacco Harm Reduction

Lowering health risks through product innovation

We develop innovative nicotine delivery systems that reduce risk, provide a satisfying user experience, and redefine expectations in a competitive market.

Smoking remains a leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Tobacco harm reduction (THR) presents an opportunity to address this global health challenge, shifting millions of consumers toward lower-risk alternatives. To capitalize on this opportunity, THR markets require advanced innovation to deliver a satisfying user and brand experience which also addresses growing regulatory and sustainability requirements.

We meet this challenge with a world-class team of researchers, scientists, designers, and engineers who have been developing commercially successful THR products since the category emerged. Our experience and expertise rival any in the world. Over the years, we’ve developed sophisticated nicotine-yielding product testing facilities and a deep knowledge of aerosol generation, underpinned by our work on medical devices. Our unparalleled experience supports clients in their product stewardship: selecting materials, testing for safety, quality, user experience, and navigating the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Our multi-disciplinary team approaches THR projects with an evidence-based understanding of unmet user needs which we use to align our innovation process with broad stakeholder requirements. This translates to commercial success for our clients, a positive impact on public health and millions of lives improved by the power of innovation.

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Bringing a complex drug delivery device to market

We were asked to resolve the difficult engineering and manufacturing issues that were jeopardising this novel inhaler’s launch. Our team identified and resolved the problems, validated the design and production tooling so Voke could gain CE approval and enter volume manufacture.

Development and testing of THR devices
Cross section of nicotine inhaler valve mechanism
Development of new delivery technologies
Full verification and validation programs for regulatory approval

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Routes to success in the therapeutic cannabinoid market: Insights from the e-cigarette experience

Our involvement in the cannabinoid market has prompted us to reflect on our experiences of working in the tobacco harm reduction (THR) sector which since its inception has grown rapidly. Like THR, the cannabinoid market also operates within an environment of volatile public perceptions, political instability and scrutiny from the regulators.

“We’ve developed several of the world’s most successful THR devices. In doing so we’ve built a level of expertise, from concept generation to transfer to manufacture, that’s simply unrivalled.”

David Lewis

Head of Tobacco Harm Reduction

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