Innovating disruptive products within all health and wellness

Most of us don’t take action often enough when it comes to improving our health. For many, the standard of care is bare bones: we find the time to schedule a visit to the doctor, listen attentively for the few minutes the doctor is speaking, and then implement the one or two ‘must haves’ to keep our bodies going. Unfortunately, the still-dominant culture in healthcare is: I’m the patient, you’re the provider. Fix it.

Health and wellness includes how we interact with our healthcare providers as well as proactively manage our wellbeing. Almost every decision we make (what we eat, when we exercise, how much we sleep, etc.) can be linked to our health. The personal challenge to keep up is daunting and therein lies the massive opportunity of consumer health – helping consumers seamlessly and credibly engage with their health.

There are many organisations rising to the challenge. However, innovation in this sector is no small task. Given the complexities of regulatory affairs and quality systems, many consumer teams struggle with the health aspect. Given the fast pace and seductive necessity of everyday products, many health teams struggle with the consumer aspect. The right innovation capabilities can help fill the gaps.

There are four key elements when it comes to successful innovation in the health and wellness space:

  • A multidisciplinary team spanning all phases of product development from ideation to pilot manufacturing
  • Experience of both the consumer and medical space
  • The engineering diversity and scientific depth to understand the technical complexities of a product strategy
  • A method of evaluating the commercial potential of new opportunities

The healthcare industry is changing and patients are becoming consumers. Businesses that understand this and have the right innovation capabilities to develop compelling products and services will reap huge rewards.