Smart pill for dogs features on Channel 4

We are delighted to have worked with Mars Petcare to develop the ‘Smart Pill’, a non-invasive device that automatically samples the contents of a dog’s digestive tract for analysis in the lab. This innovation allows Mars Petcare scientists to gain a unique insight into how the dog digests its food, allowing them to develop new and more effective pet foods.

CDP designed and manufactured the miniature electro-mechanical pill that a dog can easily swallow. Once inside the dog, the pill identifies the correct location in the digestive tract and takes the sample. The pill is collected when it leaves the dog and the sample is extracted for analysis.

This exciting innovation was recently highlighted in the Channel 4 documentary ‘Britain’s Giant Pet Food Factory’ which aired on Thursday 1st August 2019.

The smart pill sequence can be found from 21.36 – 22.50;