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The Challenge

Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis often face the additional burden of juggling a complicated treatment regimen at home. Learning how to use a new drug delivery device and remembering multiple treatment steps can be challenging. It’s one of the reasons why adherence rates are often low – many patients give up or fail to take their medication correctly.

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The Solution

Klarus automates many of the tasks that patients often struggle with when using auto-injectors regularly. It stores drugs at the correct temperature, warms them up for injection, prepares the injector with the correct needle and medication cartridge, and prompts the patient to take their drug.

After injection, Klarus will collect the needle and cartridge ready for safe disposal – alerting the patient when supplies are running low, and reordering if required.


Benefit to Client

The Klarus system has adherence built in. It could be offered to patients as a subscription-based service – and would pay for itself in the space of just one year if it replaced weekly treatment with a single-use auto-injector.

As well as helping to improve patient outcomes, it would also be more environmentally friendly.


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