High-impact digital advertising medium for motorsport

Over the last decade the top 10 motor sports advertisers have spend more than £4bn on sponsorship. This means that every square centimetre of a race car is highly valuable advertising space but so far the wheels remain empty.  So an innovative new display was conceived.  It needed to show video, update in real time and have a negligible impact on the car while meeting stringent safety standards.

Lightz approached us to design and build a prototype to fit to race cars for trials.

Our approach

Our design used the rotation of the wheel to create an image from just 10 radial arrays of light emitting diodes. The display had to be visible in bright sunlight at speeds of up to 275 mph with no electrical connection to the car.  So we designed independent display modules with on board sensors to synchronise images.  A wireless network allows communication with a control hub connected to the car’s central data system.

Circuit schematics and PCB designs are created under our zero defect quality process.
The highly robust module components ready for assembly into the race wheel.
A portable demonstration system shows the potential of the system to stakeholders.

Next we created a systems level design and architecture that specified the major system elements including the display optoelectronics, communications, sensors, power supplies, software control algorithms and high speed image processing methods.  We then built and tested prototypes ready for a major trace trial.

Adverts can be displayed on the car wheels during the race but unlike other bodywork locations, these displays are interactive. Images can be remotely updated and can enhance the racing experience by showing information such as braking levels and motor power output as the car moves around the track.

Self contained, wireless ‘screen’ modules ready to fit to race car wheels for track testing.

The value we created

The new display system has creates an exciting new advertising format that is center stage in front of a global TV audience. This innovative technology has provided our client with the basis for a lucrative new business.

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