Accelerate your digital journey

Accelerate development

Leverage pre-built modules

Employ a flexible engagement model

Bring your own device and data, and pick your own cloud

Speed is vital in digital product development – and moving fast while heading in the right direction takes expertise and experience.

For device companies, it’s the surrounding digital technologies that unlock new ways to delight users and transform whole markets.

We’ve built a new digital ecosystem catalyst to accelerate clients’ digital products to market. CDP Mosaic propels digital products through rapid conceptualization, prototyping, development, and global deployment – into the hands of consumers and patients.

Designed by experts with industry knowledge and technical expertise, CDP Mosaic is your leg-up to the front, offering pre-built, customizable front-end, flexible UX/UI design elements, cloud-agnostic back-end architecture, third-party integration-ready infrastructure, and built-in data science tools. These core facilities are fundamental to digital ecosystems and stand ready to be tailored to clients’ needs.

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Innovative, commercially powerful applications

CDP Mosaic’s modules are informed by consumers’, patients’, and industry’s most prevalent needs. Working in close partnership with clients, we use CDP Mosaic to build a digital ecosystem to meet clients’ unique needs.

CDP Mosaic is born from key commercial use cases we’ve identified in our client work. Whether you’re creating a digital ecosystem around a medical device, reinventing clinical trials using digital biomarkers, implementing a remote monitoring solution for your IoT devices, or harvesting real-time information on consumer goods, CDP Mosaic will get you there, fast.

Bring your own device, bring your own data, and pick your own cloud – easy integration is part and parcel of CDP Mosaic. Clients can own the data and the tailor-made product.

Modular mobile front end

Flexible UX/UI design elements

Cloud-agnostic back-end architecture

Modular web front end

Third-party integration ready

Built-in data science tools

Digital development is different

Digital development is different. Best practices that are tried and tested for traditional product development don’t bring the same benefits to digital development. This can leave you with a digital product that’s prohibitively expensive to operate and maintain and limits your flexibility for the future without starting again from scratch.

CDP Mosaic allows you to flex to the fast-moving digital landscape and deliver user benefit rapidly.

Answering your digital development unknowns

Does your understanding of your users extend to their digital needs?

Are you familiar with the span of up-to-the-minute digital technologies you can harness?

Does your project allow for the time needed to build and launch a digital product?

Should you start from scratch or apply pre-built modules and customizable tools?

Can you get a clear-eyed view of the return on investment?

With CDP Mosaic, you can rapidly prototype for quick user validation or test the commercial feasibility of your idea.

We can help you select the right technologies to meet your user and commercial needs.

CDP Mosaic’s pre-built modules can be mobilized to commercialize your digital product for global deployment, at speed.

“CDP Mosaic sets you up for the digital world’s unique landscape, where first release is just the beginning, and winners must keep on moving. Our pre-built, customizable assets help you navigate the realities of digital development – and place you at the leading edge.”

Rupert Menzies

Head of Software, Data & Digital

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