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We analyse how users will interact with new products and software and then innovate to create better designs. Our team has many years’ experience in human factors development working across consumer, professional and regulated healthcare markets.

Using a range of contextual research techniques through both pre and formative studies, we investigate how usability can be improved for all demographic groups. These insights generate creative design solutions that we prototype and test before integrating back into the wider product development process.
Our team of human factors experts undertake usability studies on medical devices to IEC62366/HE74 & HE75 to meet regulatory requirements. This process ensures that safety critical use errors are not uncovered at a late stage during device validation, thus reducing costs and programme delays.
We also specialise in UX design working closely with our software and user research teams using state of the art cross platform software tools such as Qt to prototype, test and iterate UIs to deliver an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.