Cambridge Design Partnership launch a new digital insight service

Research, design and technology consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of diialog™, a new insight service that helps gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

diialog™ uses miniature sensing technology discreetly fitted to products or packaging to capture quantitative data during user tests. Our team of experts monitor activity in real-time or at the end of a trial to generate a conclusive analysis of consumer behaviours and usage patterns.

Being largely unseen, diialog™ encourages natural behaviour and can be particularly useful in sensitive consumer goods, personal or healthcare contexts to record specific actions and routines. Furthermore, the data is totally factual and impartial, removing any ambiguity or misreporting.

The quantitative research inputs that diialog™ generates are invaluable when translated by our experts into actionable insights and fed into the product design process. The outcome is the creation of market-led products that are more closely tailored towards the end user with enhanced or entirely new product experiences.

Many studies suggest the failure rate of new product introductions is high, according to Crawford C Merle, 35% of products fail to deliver significant return1. When a product successfully meets, or exceeds the expectations of users the returns can be high, therefore delivering an optimised experience is of fundamental importance to protect the innovation investment and brand reputation. The thinking behind the diialog™ service is that a modest increase in investment at the front end to develop deeper insights, and validate new concepts and experiences can achieve greater confidence and save vital time and money downstream.

Tom Lawrie-Fussey, Cambridge Design Partnership’s Technology Development Leader explains, “We’re excited about diialog’s™ ability to help our clients’ make more informed innovation investment decisions and better manage risk. It will benefit brand owners and manufacturers who believe in a consumer-centric approach to product design, as they now have access to additional, highly accurate information that complements existing qualitative and quantitative research techniques that can be combined and compared with contextual ethnographic insight to deliver further confidence of potential in-market success.”

diialog™ has already been successfully deployed in the cosmetics and sports industry and there is a great deal of interest in other sectors such as the food and drink, healthcare packaging and medical devices. 

CDP will demonstrate the diialog™ system at this year’s FEI 2017 conference in Boston. Please come and join us on May 8th – 10th for a discussion and live demonstration at booth 7.

To find out more about diialog™ watch the video here, alternatively contact us for more information at


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