Helping local children to read during the pandemic

Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) has donated a subscription enabling the children at Bourn Primary Academy, a school in Cambridgeshire, UK, to access a range of online books and reading resources. Around 120 children from Key Stage 2 now have access to the Rising Stars online resource, joining Key Stage 1 children and ensuring the whole school enjoys access to this renowned service.

Many schools have experienced a shortage of books during 2020, particularly books that can be sent home, due to the need to quarantine those books for 72 hours once they’re returned. Online reading resources can meet this demand, but need a paid subscription.

Mrs Laura Latham, Headteacher at Bourn Primary Academy, said: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Cambridge Design Partnership for stepping in to help. We had bought a subscription for our youngest children to access online books, but we weren’t able to pay for access for the older children. I was surprised and delighted when Dr Neil Campbell, a parent of one of our children, offered the support of Cambridge Design Partnership in purchasing the subscription for the older children. We are very grateful for their support at this difficult time during the pandemic. I’d also like to recognise that the school has received other material donations from parents, governors, families and friends of the school.”

Rising Stars is an award-winning range of books, teaching resources and software that supports primary teachers and learners in the UK and across the world. Rising Stars works with expert authors and advisors to produce resources that support all areas of the primary curriculum, from mathematics to English, computing to PE. 

At CDP, we are always happy to support our community, particularly during this difficult year. Dr Neil Campbell, who led this initiative, said, “I feel lucky to work at CDP, a company that believes in helping our local community and in investing in the future generation. Ensuring our children have access to reading books at home is vital to their personal development and educational growth. I’m pleased I was able to help with organising CDP’s kind donation to our local school.”