Re-Vana Therapeutics enters collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership

Re-Vana Therapeutics enters collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership on development of novel delivery system for OcuLief®, an in-situ forming implant for the sustained release of biologic ophthalmic formulations

Re-Vana Therapeutics Ltd, a venture-backed and privately-held specialty therapeutics and drug delivery enterprise focusing on sustained-release treatments for severe ocular conditions, has teamed up with a top-tier product and technology design firm, Cambridge Design Partnership. Together, they aim to create an innovative delivery system for OcuLief, Re-Vana’s gel-based implant that forms in-situ for extended biologic delivery.

Re-Vana’s innovative technology platforms are capable of delivering both novel and approved biologics for a minimum of 6 months clinically. This diminishes the demand for burdensome, regular intravitreal injections and amplifies the therapeutic effect for significant ocular conditions. The delivery mechanism allows for a minimal dose of the OcuLief gel through a non-invasive, standard intravitreal injection in an office setting. This gel evolves into a tiny bleb, which then converts into a degradable implant using focused, pulsed visible light, ensuring prolonged release of treatments at high release rates into the eye.

Patrick H. Ruane, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of Re-Vana Therapeutics, remarked, “Re-Vana’s OcuLief technology has shown enormous potential in sustained release of biologics delivered via intravitreal injection, for example for neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), a highly competitive market with more than $15 billion in annual sales. Transitioning OcuLief’s delivery system from a prototype to a tool suitable for pre-clinical and clinical evaluations is vital for its success. We sought a dynamic, innovative partner possessing the diverse skills and experience necessary for a seamless progression from our labs to a market-ready solution. The advancements we are achieving with Cambridge Design Partnership are noteworthy, and their team’s collaborative spirit greatly impresses us.”

“When we started talking with the Re-Vana team, we immediately found their technology and its potential very compelling,” commented Clare Beddoes, Head of Drug Delivery, Cambridge Design Partnership. “Our in-house capabilities in the Drug Delivery sector enable us to accelerate time to market for companies like Re-Vana Therapeutics, reducing the need to work with multiple vendors throughout the development of complex and advanced delivery systems. That Re-Vana Therapeutics chose us as their development partner is testament to our experience in supporting the development of combination products, and the skills of our team in tackling the complex challenges and achieving hugely successful results. Re-Vana will also benefit from the addition of our new Pilot Production Centre and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, features that resonate with the needs of our customers.”

For further details, join Patrick H. Ruane, Chief Operating Officer of Re-Vana Therapeutics, as he presents at the “Partnerships in Drug Delivery” conference in Boston, MA, October 16-17. Dr. Ruane is scheduled to share insights during the “Cell, Gene, and other Biologics” session from 4:15 to 6:30 p.m. on October 16th.


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Re-Vana Therapeutics is venture backed, pioneering therapeutics and ocular drug delivery company focused on the development of innovative sustained-release biologics to treat serious diseases of the eye using its proprietary photo-crosslinking technology.  The company’s innovative platform technologies, EyeLief®, EyeLief SD™ and OcuLief®, enable the tunable delivery of biologics and small molecules, creating a therapeutic continuum to expand global treatment opportunities through both internal development and external, strategic collaborations.  Re-Vana envisions a new industry standard of 6-12 months delivery of biologics to the retina to create transformative and differentiated treatments for patients and their physicians.

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