Work begins building a new capability roadmap for the in vitro diagnostics industry

In collaboration with deep tech innovation partner CPI and supported by Innovate UK, Cambridge Design Partnership is constructing a new actionable capability and technology roadmap for the in vitro diagnostics industry.

The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry makes up the largest part of the life sciences sector, one of the UK’s dominant economic sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the IVD industry’s importance. An aging population, increasing prevalence of chronic disease, advancements in personalized medicine and genomics, and the decentralization of healthcare are all fueling the fast growth of the IVD market, delivering opportunities for the UK economy and internationally.

To be published in late 2022, the roadmap will deliver a strategic plan centered on clinical, commercial, and technical insights through close collaboration with clinicians, businesses, industry bodies, technical experts, and other stakeholders in the IVD ecosystem. To help meet the clinical needs of the future, the roadmap will support the UK IVD industry, Government, and Innovate UK to make informed investment and capability development decisions.

At the same time, the UK’s regulatory landscape for healthcare technology is changing. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is currently consulting on the UK’s future regulation of medical and IVD devices – and manufacturers will need to be prepared to react.

The roadmap will be published as part of the Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme, an Innovate UK sponsored initiative, led by CPI in partnership with the Association of British HealthTech Industries. This programme is delivering a package of support to UK health technology companies to help them meet the regulatory requirements for developing, commercializing, and deploying their medical technology in the UK and globally.

CPI will bring to the project its specialist skills and capabilities in healthcare technology development along with its wide-reaching connections across regional and national healthcare networks. The organization works with companies across the health technology space to provide support with disruptive innovation, process development, and scale-up to drive the next generation of IVD devices.

End-to-end innovation partner Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) helps its healthcare clients bring new products and technologies to market. Its experienced diagnostics team has a rich track record in all stages of development, from identifying market insights and concept generation to assay implementation and manufacturing scale-up.

In building the roadmap, CDP will lead virtual and in-person workshops with healthcare providers, regulators, technology market leaders, and other stakeholders to understand the value and challenges linked with opportunities and technologies.

Pari Datta, Senior Innovation Consultant at CDP, says, “We’re looking forward to helping the IVD industry realize its potential. It’s a unique moment for the industry, experiencing significant investment and seeing extraordinary innovation. Against the background of COVID-19 and the emergence of new ways of delivering healthcare, we’re eager to play our part in enabling the UK to become a global leader in IVD – we hope the roadmap will guide the UK in developing technologies to enable new businesses of the future.”

Dr Arun Harish, Strategy Director at CPI, says, “We are excited to be working with CDP to develop and deliver the IVD roadmap to help industry and academia make informed decisions on their research, development, and innovation agenda. This roadmap will also contribute to the UK IVD industry’s growth across supply and value chains, and the delivery of substantial societal and economic impact.”

Centered around incremental, disruptive, and future opportunities for the IVD industry, the roadmap will be supported by an analysis of the challenges attached to the technologies featured – and the steps needed to fulfill a ten-year vision for the diagnostics industry.

To register your interest in contributing to the project or receiving the roadmap on publication, email Pari Datta, Senior Innovation Consultant at CDP:

For further information and media enquiries, email or call +44 (0)1223 264428.