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Webinar: How to find new innovation opportunities using technology and IP mapping

Mature products, such as smartphones and cars, tend to become very similar – whether they are from different manufacturers or the latest model from the same manufacturer. Speed, power and slight changes in appearance become the focus for many companies.

Marketing can make advances through insightful methods to dig deeper into opportunities from unmet needs – but the right science and technology are required to make them real. R&D teams have access to incredible developments in science and technology, such as artificial intelligence and the latest developments in genetics, but struggle to find how to link them with market opportunities.

Innovation opportunities must connect customer needs with science and technology to be more than just ideas or technologies.

This session was hosted by Pari Datta, Senior innovation and research consultant at Cambridge Design Partnership, who use PatSnap's platform:

Topics covered by Pari include:

  • How technology mapping can be used to discover new opportunities, whichever direction you start from
  • How IP landscapes can then help you to make the right connections