6 steps to build winning biosimilar defence strategies through user and technology mapping

With Pari Datta
14 MAY 2019

The market for biosimilars is growing rapidly at over 30% per annum, as increasingly more biological drugs are going off-patent and the rate of regulatory approvals increases. The major high-value mono-clonal antibodies are considered as the big opportunities by companies in the bio-similar space, including for example the TNF-alpha inhibitors. Although bio-similar development and regulatory hurdles have been more challenging than expected, developing a robust biosimilar defence strategy is still a vital and difficult process. Solutions within a strategy can range from relatively simple, such as powerful new counter-biosimilar messaging to more complex, value-added propositions which include novel delivery devices, diagnostics and even digital elements. Questions range from how to discover new underlying opportunities from which to build a defence strategy and how to deliver technology-enabled propositions which can make them really possible.

In this webinar, Dr Pari Datta (Senior Innovation & Research Consultant) demonstrates how simple user experience mapping methods can reveal truly-original opportunities throughout the journeys of the patient, HCP and even the product during the process of treatment. From these opportunities, technology mapping will be used to show how the latest technologies, from digital to formulation, can be identified or even conceived to create innovative value-added propositions. The key elements which need further development within each proposition will be considered – from satisfying multiple stakeholders, business model development to building the evidence required to generate confidence in its future commercial success.