How the latest prototyping methods unlock digital innovation

Wtih Tom Lawrie-Fussey
1 MAR 2019

Digital is a term that has become a way to describe how our products, and our interactions with them, mature from simple, local mechanical interfaces, to complex, distributed, connected eco-systems. A key driver for this is the desire of people and companies alike to better close the loop of product and experience, and digital services enable this ‘value’ to be extracted and monetised.

In this session, Tom Lawrie-Fussey (Digital Services Specialist), introduces the need for a pragmatic route to digital, and how Cambridge Design Partnership have created a number of toolkits to help our clients to prototype digital services. These services range from better capturing quantifiable evidence of real in-home consumer usage, through to creating a semi-simulated user experience, where technology propositions can be evaluated with consumers, long before the technology itself is actually implemented.