Developing future drug delivery systems


“This document explores the future of drug delivery systems, specifically at-home self-injection, and the way in which drugs will be packaged in the future to enhance patient experience and ensure successful clinical outcomes.”

Clare Beddoes – Principal Consultant, Drug Delivery

Here at CDP, we don’t think of the packaging as simply the container for the drug. We consider the whole delivery experience, from the device itself through to the accompanying materials such, as the instructions for use (IFU). While several factors must be considered in the selection of the right device and packaging materials for injectable drugs, including the drug rheology, how the drug is administered, and by whom and where, this document takes a high-level view of how specific consumer trends may impact the experience of self-injection devices.

In this paper, we explore:

  • The futuring methodologies needed to stretch strategic thinking
  • How consumer needs – and packaging – are changing 
  • The consumerization of healthcare
  • Improving drug delivery systems that benefit the patient, the planet and the manufacturer

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