Maximizing the Value of Smart Packaging


“Smart packaging – technologically advanced packaging – can unlock a myriad of benefits, but it can also bring pitfalls, presenting a classic ‘should we, shouldn’t we?’ dilemma.”

Our complete Smart Packaging Playbook – of which the download below is an exclusive summary – helps clients quickly navigate opportunities and accelerate innovation across consumer, healthcare, and industrial sectors. 

We’ve amassed examples that demonstrate smart packaging benefits, from recruiting, engaging, or retaining consumers and helping patients with medication, to providing cost-saving efficiencies in the supply chain.   

You’ll find useful, actionable insights on: 

  • Identifying the right opportunity at the right scale – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  • Learning from the best – take learnings from one sector and apply them in another.
  • Selecting the right technology – sometimes, no tech is the smart play; other times, technology is the answer.
  • Finding the right supplier – your existing suppliers may not have the smart services your business needs.

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