Sector expertise


Harnessing the power of biology to create transformative products

Our specialisms:

  • Novel upstream and downstream technology design
  • Process development
  • Workflow automation
  • Digital and data management
  • PAT tools and advanced process control
  • R&D, non-GMP and GMP applications


  • Cell and gene therapies
  • Vaccines, mAbs and recombinant proteins
  • Cultivated meat and precision fermentation
  • Biofuels and materials waste bio-recycling

From cell sourcing to the final product, our multidisciplinary teams address the big challenges in biomanufacturing. Each process and cell type is unique; we partner with companies to design custom solutions that meet their specific needs. Our focus is developing novel processes and technologies to advance research and manufacture, enabling the discovery and development of ground-breaking new therapeutics, foods, materials, and fuels.

We design and develop new technologies for upstream and downstream processes that are robust, automated, and scalable, to reduce costs and lead times. To achieve this, we leverage our experience of complex systems and cell handling, from bioreactors and consumables to hardware and software development. Our teams build bioprocessing technologies for R&D, non-GMP and GMP manufacturing, whether the process is destined for the lab, industry or patient.

Computational modelling and simulation

Using mathematical and computational modeling, we enable understanding and optimize process performance on a small and large scale. From modeling bioreactors (e.g. fluid dynamics and mass transfer) to critical process control (e.g. digital sampling), our modelling team can predict optimal conditions in a variety of environments.

Novel bioreactor systems design
Sensor development and process control
Analytical techniques including gel electrophoresis
Mammalian, microbial and algae cell culture

Meet our experts

Arianna Rech
Bioprocessing Lead
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Dr Richard Owen
Head of Biology
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Andrew Solly
Manufacturing Engineer
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Gary Kipling
Mechanical Engineer
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Karla Sanchez
Head of Biomedical engineering
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Our facilities

Containment level 2 laboratory

2,400m2 flexible Pilot Production Center

“The biomanufacturing industry is evolving at an incredible pace. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate with clients to develop breakthrough technologies to bridge the gap between research and manufacture.”

Arianna Rech

Bioprocessing Lead

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