Expertise on Board: Does Your Team Have What It Takes to Accelerate Time to Market?  

Multidisciplinary teams with diverse industry experience can dramatically speed up your new product development, securing you first-mover advantage.

Accelerating your time to market doesn’t just put you ahead of the competition, allowing you to win a significant share of the market. It kickstarts your investment payback, boosts your cash flow, and fuels your journey towards further development. 

At the heart of this race against time is the powerhouse behind it: your team. Imagine a group where diverse expertise and industry knowledge converge. This article explores the ways such teams speed up your new product development process by: 

  • Masterfully tailoring to unique requirements 
  • Navigating the fastest route with precision 
  • Innovatively solving problems 
  • Strategically controlling and mitigating risks 

Masterfully tailoring to unique requirements 

A team’s adaptability to a project’s specific needs is crucial in speeding up the innovation process. Teams that bring together diverse disciplines are in a prime position to grasp and integrate various factors – technological nuances, stakeholder expectations, commercial considerations, or regulatory landscapes. 

This multidisciplinary approach enables teams to rapidly tailor their strategies to the project. By using their collective expertise, they can bypass the hurdles of aligning team members and refining plans, which traditionally slow down progress. This ensures efficiency and aligns the development process more closely with the project’s objectives. 


Solar EV charging innovation. Unlocked.

Learn how a CDP team embraced and executed the project brief from our client 3ti Energy Hubs, enabling them to bring their pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub to launch. 

“”My colleague and I just started scribbling things on a bit of paper. We took it to CDP, and I said, ‘I want one of these, please.'” “

Tim Evans | Founder and CEO, 3ti

Navigating the fastest route with precision 

Whether facing a well-trodden path or stepping into uncharted territory, teams with a wealth of experience are well-equipped to tackle challenging problems. Their journey has not only acquainted them with a range of obstacles but also endowed them with effective strategies to navigate them.  

This collective knowledge minimizes the dependence on trial and error. It empowers them to swiftly discern the most direct route forward.  

In problem-solving, having access to such a breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable. It enables teams to apply lessons learned across different contexts, enhancing their ability to swiftly adapt and find solutions. 


Innovation in a pandemic. Fast.

Find out how our multidisciplinary project team – over 30 mechanical and electronic engineers, prototyping, quality, and clinical manufacturing experts in the UK and the US – stepped up to accelerate the development of our client QuantuMDx’s PCR testing system in just five months. 

““We assessed development effort and timescales against risk, triaging what we could improve. Some issues could be rectified with incremental improvements, others needed more radical changes. This demanded our team to quickly and methodically design, prototype and test – and commit to bold changes.” “

Johnathan O’Halloran | CEO and Founder, QuantuMDx

Innovatively solving problems 

Quickly addressing complex challenges requires more than a group of individuals. It demands a team of specialists, each with deep knowledge, skills, and experience, working collaboratively. These teams can excel at innovative thinking, devising creative and practical solutions to tackle problems swiftly, and keeping the development process on schedule. 

Essential to this approach is fostering a culture where ideas flow, and every contribution is valued. This setting is underpinned by systems and practices that encourage exchanging ideas. Together, they create an environment that’s collaborative and dynamic. 

Operational intelligence 

Learn more about CDP’s tailored, user-centric Design Sprints which facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration through an immersive five-step process, resulting in decisions that are better informed, aligned, and arrived at more quickly.  

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